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Round 4 preview: Vixens vs Giants

3 years ago

There is a giant challenge facing the Melbourne Vixens this week, as they look to redeem themselves from their first three rounds.

The challenge comes in orange, as the Vixens return to John Cain Arena to host table-toppers, GIANTS Netball who are currently undefeated.

The Vixens’ first three games have seen the same pattern emerge, with slow starts being the main concern, leaving the Vixens at arm’s reach of their opponent and unable to get a jump on the game. Yet, having only dropped two goals after the first break last week, the Vixens know that something as small as a tip, deflection or gut running chase can make all the difference.

The key this weekend is to be 100% prepared for that first whistle. The warm-up needs to be intense; the energy needs to be elevated and the feeling amongst the group will need to be united. With defeat, comes opportunity and we know the Vixens will bring it to their home stage with their home crowd behind them.

Defender Emily Mannix has full faith in the team that they will bring the intensity this Sunday.

“The Giants have been one of the most consistent teams; they obviously haven’t had a loss yet. But that doesn’t mean to say that we can’t go out there and put it to them,” said Mannix.

“Defensively, we need to be strong and dominant from the first whistle and not let the Giants get ahead of us.

“(Last week) wasn’t the result we were after, and that came down to that start again for us. There’s a lot to learn from that, and hopefully we grow and put that out in this week’s game.”

In round 3, we saw Kumwenda come out to goal attack and Moloney into wing attack. Rotations can be both a help and a hindrance for teams, so as the Vixens settle into the season with what was a new-look side three weeks ago, they can look to use their variety and combinations to their advantage and ignite something within the team to launch this week.

“We always talk about the depth of the squad and we’re very lucky to have that versatility allowing players to come off and on.

“Coming off three losses, hopefully it sparks us all up a bit and gives us that fight.”

Let’s hope the only big, big sound heard at John Cain Arena is the sound of Vixens fans celebrating the win.

Tickets are available for Sunday’s game against the Giants through Ticketek.

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