Melbourne Vixens Partnership Opportunities

A partnership with Melbourne Vixens and Netball Victoria will provide your organisation with the opportunity to broadcast your message and build further brand awareness through Netball Victoria’s networks, and to align with the most successful and supported women’s team in Australia. It is a great way to forge a partnership that reaches right into grassroots netball all the way to the elite with the Melbourne Vixens.

Every company has different objectives and we can create the right strategy accordingly. Options include, but are certainly not limited to:


Advertising and promoting your brand through mediums such as on-field player’s apparel, stadium signage, club website or match day promotional activity with a record broadcast deal for women’s sport, Channel 9 are taking netball coverage to a new level.

Business to Business

Melbourne Vixens is well connected to the Australian business community and will continue to develop partnerships with hundreds of businesses. We have a host of events and strategies to help facilitate business dealings from within our own business network. With the right strategy, Netball Victoria can be a powerful conduit to new business opportunities.

Business to Consumer

Melbourne Vixens is the LARGEST state sporting netball organisation within Australia with over 250,000 people involved in Netball Victoria run programs and over 113,000+ members.

There is a significant reach for your business to tap into. The highly-engaged audience are vibrant, passionate and loyal.


The Netball Victoria Community reaches consumers that play netball from a grass root level in Net4Kids, local associations, camps and clinics, Victorian Netball League, Rock Up Netball programs to the commercial side of netball in the Melbourne Vixens.

To find out how your business can help us make a difference, talk to our corporate team.

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