Weston's wonderful 2022

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1 year ago

With the season over it’s time to look back on the year that was for our Vixens – with stalwart defender, Jo Weston our next player in focus.

Jo was integral to our defensive end once again in season 2022, with the maestro pulling in 27 intercepts and 47 deflections for the year. Her ability to read the play and have a clean impact on the match was evident only registering 22 turnovers across her 17 games.

Our goal defence had a huge presence under the post thanks to her 24 rebounds highlighting her ability to get in damaging positions and regain possession. We got a Jo special in Round 3, our first home game of the season, as she pulled in seven gains, three intercepts, three deflections and four rebounds.

Her work down back wasn’t the only key standout though, impressing through the midcourt with her flair and follow up work to provide an option in attack. She unleashed a couple of her signature shoulder passes into the circle, credit to her vision and accuracy on the pass. Jo spent some time in wing defence but did most of her damage at home in goal defence, collecting some notable rejections on the shot.

Jo’s experience and long arms garnered plenty of turnover ball for us as did her growing combination with newcomer Olivia Lewis. Meanwhile, her partnership with Emily Mannix went from strength to strength with the dynamic duo causing confusion to reel in plenty of intercepts and deflections.

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