Leaping Liv's 2022 season

Liv Lewis MV season review
1 year ago

With the season over it’s time to look back on the year that was for our Vixens, with aerial maestro Liv Lewis the final player under the microscope.

The ultimate hype woman, Liv brought the intensity both from the sideline and on the court. In her first season with us Liv didn’t waste any time, immediately slotting into the side and bringing some heat.

The talented defender impressed with her aerial presence, quick footwork and dynamic movement allowing her to get hands to ball time and time again.

Liv left her mark against her old side in Round 10 proving to be a menace in our win over Fever thanks to her two intercepts, five deflections and one pickup. She really set the tone in the opening quarter, coming out hard with her defensive pressure forcing three gains and two deflections.

Executing her role as an impact player to perfection, Liv was often able to shift the dynamic by hunting the high ball and applying pressure over the shot. Her combinations with Jo Weston, Kate Eddy and Emily Mannix steadily developed throughout the course of the season making her a real defensive threat.

Liv played 12 games throughout the season and racked up the stats including 10 intercepts, 15 deflections and six rebounds as Vixen #59.

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