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Give for a Goal

5 years ago

Suncorp Super Netball will turn purple this weekend for Give for a Goal, in support of the Confident Girls Foundation working to provide opportunities for vulnerable Australian girls to thrive through netball.

The foundation helps girls achieve their dreams by highlighting and helping eliminate key drivers of gender bias including, financial barriers, lack of leadership opportunities, isolation, and gender stereotypes that negatively affect young women and barriers to physical activity.

With a focus on raising awareness through the power of netball, Suncorp Super Netball teams are uniting to showcase how netball provides safe places for girls and their communities to come together in building confidence, empowerment, leadership, acceptance and a sense of belonging.

For Vixens goal-shooter, Caitlin Thwaites, the Confident Girls Foundation speaks closely to her, as netball has been a major contributor to her growth in self-confidence within a team.

“It’s such a great initiative to have in place for girls right across Australia. Netball has provided me the opportunity to learn so many life skills in a team environment,” said Thwaites.

“As a player, team member and supporter of netball, you are given the chance to stand up for yourself in a place where you feel most comfortable, and I think that’s where the confidence becomes instilled.

“It’s fantastic to be surrounded by so many inspiring and empowering women at the Vixens,” said Thwaites.”

We all have the potential to make a difference in the life of a girl, so the Vixens are encouraging everyone to donate to the Give for a Goal fundraiser at our round 4 game or get involved with their local club or association. All proceeds will go towards the investment in programs that directly affect the day to day living of the girls, Confident Girls Foundation support.

Participation in sport is key to providing opportunities for girls to develop physical, social, and emotional health and wellbeing, which stem as fundamentals in fulfilling dreams and aspirations. Let’s get around Give for a Goal this weekend and help all Australian girls become confident women!

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