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"It is not often that you cry at the netball but that was pretty emotional."

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3 years ago

Meet Kara and Lily Wheeler, a mum and daughter duo, who just love the Melbourne Vixens! Having been a member back in 2013, Kara returned to the Vixens family last year and decided to get Lily involved too.

Why did you decide to follow the Vixens and become a member?

Kara: “I follow the Vixens because of Sharelle McMahon, originally, from way back. I grew up in Gippsland, so I’ve always been Victorian, and was a Phoenix supporter and then a Vixens supporter, so I came through that way.”

What are your favourite things about the Vixens?

Kara: “I have had favourite players, play there over the time; Caitlin Thwaites, Bianca Chatfield, are a few of my favourites. Lily is a fan of Tegan. The dress too, I think they are pretty cool colours.”

Lily: “They are good at netball.”

Who is your favourite player of all time?

Kara: “I love Caity Thwaites, I think she is amazing. I’m a shooter, so I am probably a bit biased towards the shooters.”

Have you been to a Vixens game? Did you enjoy the experience?

Kara: “Yes, we went to three last year and I have been to a few in my time.”

“I liked it [the experience]. It is a nice girl’s day out, it’s just the two of us that go. We love all the pre-game sort of stuff that Lily can do; the colouring and the face painting and all of those things in The Den. It is always a good day. We haven’t got a good track record of wins when we go but it’s still fun.”

Lily: “A fun day out!”

Have you had a moment where you really treasured over your Vixens journey?

Kara: “I would have to say Catherine Cox’s retirement game. It is not often that you cry at the netball but that was pretty emotional. That moment, finishing her career in the way that she did, so that was pretty amazing for me.”

Do you both play, or have played netball?

Kara: “Yes, Lily has been playing for a couple of years now and I have moved more into a coaching role. I have coached the local Association 13/U rep team, and I’m really loving that. My playing days are a little bit behind me.”

From a members’ perspective, do you have any feedback for us or anything we can offer you?

Kara: “I think having all the girls being involved in the live training sessions and with Puma, that has been fantastic!

“To feel like things are still happening, they haven’t gone off the radar, they are still very alive and they are on social media, we know what they are up to and we know what they are still aiming to achieve and looking forward to them getting back on court.”

Is there anything you would like to say to the Vixens?

Lily: “They’re amazing. GO VIXENS!”

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