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A letter to members from Kate

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2 years ago

Heading into the bye round, Kate Moloney sent the below letter to Melbourne Vixens members.

Hey Vixens fans,

Just wanted to check in on you all after what has already been yet another challenging start to the year.

We really hope you and your families are safe and well as you prepare to come out of another brave lockdown.

Whilst we have had to flee our beloved families and homes back in Victoria and from you, our Vixens faithful, once again, please know we are doing everything we can to keep this season alive.

I won’t lie, this year has tested me and the rest of the team too. As an athlete, we put a great deal of pressure on ourselves to deliver both on and off the court, as not only do we strive to perform at our best each and every week for each other, but we also work extremely hard to put a smile on your face and fuel your passion.

Sadly, I am disappointed in the performances we’ve put out over the last seven weeks, and as Simone said, it’s simply unacceptable. But that doesn’t mean we’re giving up that easily. We’re a team of fighters and the level of talent and ambition within our group is only propelling us forward.

While yes, the results are far from what we pride ourselves on at this club – the unwavering support we have received from our Vixens members and supporters throughout this time has been incredible and cannot go unnoticed. You have continued to show belief in us and in our system, and you have adapted and provided motivation and trust along the way. It certainly has been a rollercoaster of a year so far, but we are willing to ride the wave to bounce back.

Something that I have learned over my netball career is that success is built over several years, and it takes a great deal of strength, perseverance and teamwork to achieve the ultimate success – a championship. We have worked so incredibly hard to build our legacy to where it is today – we continue to turn up, hit the court with determination and lift those around us.

Last year was a championship team in the making – we fought hard for that one, and we felt weeks of heartbreak in between that podium finish, but we know this year we start again. This is our new chapter, a unique and exciting opportunity to rewrite the Vixens story. While at the moment we are deep in the planning process, we know this emerging group is set to produce something special. We hope you are as optimistic as us and continue to etch yourself in Vixens history too.

We are a competitive bunch, but a win for us is measured much more than the results on the scoreboard at the end of the game. Upon reflection in this bye round, we have already achieved so much this year – we’ve seen three debutants take their shot with confidence, a new arrival start afresh, and maturely we have overcome injury setbacks of some of our leading stars.

Yet, one of our proudest achievements this year has been breaking our membership record, and we cannot thank you all enough. To grow up supporting a sporting club is special, but to follow them into your adulthood is much more powerful, and we feel your devotion. You play such a pivotal role within our Vixens community, and your belief and encouragement means more than you’ll ever know. As you watch from afar next weekend, please remember we are out there fighting for you too and your support will be felt.

We have every intention to be reunited with you at our home of John Cain Arena on Saturday, 10 July - and what a homecoming it will be. But before we get there we need to work on a few things. Something as a collective we want to take into the next few rounds is hope. We know it’s there; we know we have the belief in each other, we just need to stick at it. We’re young, our connections are only just beginning to combine, and our competitors are just within reach. It is not like the Vixens to back down from a battle, so we’ll step up, continue to work hard and find our new groove. We may be halfway, but there is still much more left in the tank.

So, who’s coming with me?

Take care Vixens fam,

From Kate

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