Round 8: Vixens vs GIANTS

Match Day Guide

🦊 Round 8: Vixens vs GIANTS Match Day Guide

How to Redeem your NetSetGO Ticket Offer

Step by Step Guide to redeem your FREE tickets

Step 1.

Enter your Netball Connect number into the password box and click unlock tickets

Step 2.

Select Choose your Own seats and select your to seats. Select NetSetGo Admit (2 tickets).

You can purchase additional seats along with the two free tickets.

Step 3.

Make sure you have selected your desired seats and Select Next

Step 4.

Sign into your Ticketek Account

Step 5.

Payment and confirmation.

If you are only redeeming the free tickets your total will be $0.00. If it is prompting you to pay you have redeemed it incorrectly.

If you are purchasing additional tickets you will be charged a transaction fee.

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