"You’re going to see a new Vixens heading into that next round.”

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3 years ago

The Melbourne Vixens will remain in their Queensland hub for the next few weeks, with border restrictions having caused the league to put in contingency plans around the fixture.

With the Vixens’ next match due to be played in Perth, returning to Victoria would mean the team would have to quarantine in the lead up to their round 8 match.

The Vixens have adapted to reoccurring hub life, taking the unfortunate circumstances in their stride.

During the 2020 Suncorp Super Netball season, the Vixens spent almost 100 days in Queensland, away from home and loved ones, with the Diamonds players also playing in New Zealand earlier this year. Thankfully this season’s hub experience will be a lot shorter.

Vixens captain, Kate Moloney reflected on the players’ morale during the interstate relocation from Victoria to Queensland.

“As tough as it is to be away from home, we just feel really lucky to be able to play netball. We know that if we are here then the season can continue, and we can keep getting out on court.”

“Everyone is enjoying their time up here in the Sunshine Coast. Everyone is really looking after us and we are having a really good time. But this week is all about working hard and preparing for that next game,” said Moloney.

Moloney explained that head coach Simone has been working the team hard during training sessions since the round 7 loss to Collingwood, focusing on improving the Vixens’ style of play and appearance on court.

“We haven’t played the netball that we want to play - we are disappointed in our performances. However, we have a great group who just want to keep on improving their game.”

“We want to reset, refocus and work out the specific things we really need to focus on heading into that Fever game. You’re going to see a new Vixens heading into that next round.”

“We are determined to work really hard this week to make sure that when we do come out against Fever, we look different, we look tougher and we play a really good game of netball that the Vixens want to represent,” according to Moloney.

The team has every intention to make it home in time for the round 10 clash against the NSW Swifts, for their homecoming on Saturday, 10 July at John Cain Arena.

The Vixens will continue to be guided by Suncorp Super Netball and government medical advice, with the health and wellbeing of all remaining a priority.

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