“Thank you. I honestly don’t know where I would be today without netball.”

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3 years ago

Meet Kendra Ball, a 14-year-old, passionate netball fan who signed up as a Melbourne Vixens member for the first time in 2019. Why? Because she was inspired, it gave her something to be excited about and it also gave her a newfound sense of confidence.

You were a first-year member last year, why did you decide to jump on board?

“We had Tegan [Philip] come to my school as a guest speaker, and I used to play when I was younger but I stopped playing for a while…I sort of lost confidence, and I started playing again shortly after she spoke at school and decided to become a member.”

What do you love most about the Vixens?

“There’s so much! They are all really positive role models and I have learnt so much. My confidence has improved so much since going and watching them play. It’s such an amazing environment to be around and to be involved in.”

Is Tegan your favourite player of all time?

“Yeah, they all pretty good but Tegan is definitely one of my favourites.”

Did you watch the Vixens before you became a member?

“I think I watched them once, but that was when I was younger.”

Have you been to a Vixens game? Did you enjoy your experience, what was your favourite thing about going to the game?

“Yep. There weren’t many people there that I knew, except the players. I just felt so happy and I enjoyed it so much and it went really fast and I didn’t want to leave.

“It was an awesome place to be and there were so many other people there that were cheering, and it was a great atmosphere.”

It there a moment over the last year that you really enjoyed or treasured as a memory?

“When we did the first meet and greet session, I remember we waited in the line and I met Tegan. Then while Tegan was at school teaching us, she found out who I was, and she knew my name so when I walked up there she was like “Hi Kendra” and I was just like “Oh my god” and that was my best moment”.

Have you been doing any Train Like a Vixen clinics?

“Yeah, I did most weeks. I think it’s really awesome that they have been doing them. The YouTube ones have been really good so I can watch them and do it over and over again”.

“I think it’s a really good idea.”

Is there anything you would like to say the Vixens team?

“Thank you so much for making such an amazing environment for lots of young girls.”

“I know that my friends at school definitely know who the Vixens are now because it’s something that makes me so happy and I love to talk about them and share with other people.”

“Thank you. I honestly don’t know where I would be today without netball. I used to get so anxious and not have many friends, but I have just learned so much confidence and feel so much happier with who I am.”

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