How to watch our Vixens at the Commonwealth Games

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1 year ago

The Commonwealth Games kick off tomorrow in Birmingham with five of our Vixens stars set to take centre stage representing their respective countries.

In the Aussie camp, Liz Watson will once again lead the Diamonds alongside her Vixens teammates Kate Moloney, Jo Weston and Kiera Austin. This will be the first Commonwealth Games appearance for Kate and Kip, while Jo could reach her 50th international cap at the tournament.

Mwai Kumwenda is buckling up for an incredible fourth Commonwealth Games appearance for Malawi. MJ has long been a stalwart of the Queens’ attacking end, credit to her accuracy, high volume and impressive athleticism.

For those who love an early morning start, the opening ceremony begins at 4.45am (AEST) on Friday 29 July with the games set to commence later that night. So clear your calendars and get the popcorn ready as we cheer on our Vixens representing both Australia and Malawi!

How to watch:

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Australian Diamonds schedule

  • Match 1: Australia v Barbados (Friday 29 July, 11pm AEST)
  • Match 2: Australia v Scotland (Saturday 30 July, 9pm AEST)
  • Match 3: Australia v South Africa (Monday 1 August, 9pm AEST)
  • Match 4: Australia v Wales (Tuesday 2 August, 9pm AEST)
  • Match 5: Australia v Jamaica (Thursday 4 August, 6pm AEST)

Malawi Queens schedule

  • Match 1: Malawi v England (Saturday 30 July, 9pm AEST)
  • Match 2: Malawi v Northern Ireland (Sunday 31 July, 9pm AEST)
  • Match 3: Malawi v New Zealand (Tuesday 2 August, 3am AEST)
  • Match 4: Malawi v Trinidad and Tobago (Thursday 4 August, 3am AEST
  • Match 5: Malawi v Uganda (Friday 5 August, 3am EAST)

Finals schedule

  • CL 1 (11 v 12), CL 2 (9 v 10) – (Friday 5 August, 6pm AEST)
  • CL 3 (7 v 8), CL 4 (5 v 6) – (Friday 5 August, 11.30pm AEST)
  • Semi Final 1 (Saturday 6 August, 6pm AEST)
  • Semi Final 2 (Saturday 6 August, 11.30pm AEST)
  • Bronze Medal Match (Sunday 7 August, 10.30pm AEST)
  • Gold Medal Match (Monday 8 August, 5.30am AEST)

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