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Suncorp Super Netball Rule Changes

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4 years ago

The Suncorp Super Netball Commission has announced the introduction of rolling substitutions and extra time to season 2020.

In a post-season survey, 63 per cent of Suncorp Super Netball fans voted in support of the rolling substitutions introduction and an enormous 80 per cent were in favour of extra time, after an unprecedented six matches were drawn throughout the 2019 season.

The Commission approved the changes following extensive post-season analysis, trials within the 2019 Suncorp Team Girls Cup and 2019 Deakin University Australia Netball League season and consultation with various stakeholders within the game.

Suncorp Super Netball CEO Chris Symington, who also chairs the league’s competition committee, said the changes will add another element of excitement to matches.

“The continued evolution of Suncorp Super Netball is a result of listening to our fans and partners to ensure we are bringing our audiences the best possible product each week,” he said.

“With a significant rise in drawn matches and questionable injury substitutions it was something we had to look at and we think the introduction of these two changes will create further interest and enjoyment of our great game.”

In relation to rolling substitutions, teams can now make substitutions during play, as well as during stoppages and intervals. There is no limit to the number of substitutions that can be made, and multiple substitutions can be made at any time. Play will not to be held for substitutions and must take place through the designated substitutions zone in front of the team bench area.

For a substitution during play, the substitute must tag hands with the player leaving the court before entering the field of play.

Players must observe the offside rules as they enter/exit the court and make sure they do not interfere with the umpire’s movement during the substitution. If there is an infringement during a substitution, a free pass will be given where the ball is when the interference or offside entry/exit occurs.

The rolling substitution rule change will be implemented throughout the Netball Australia pathway in the Deakin University Australian Netball League and the National Netball Championships.

For extra time, if the two teams are tied at the end of regulation match time, a 90 second break will be taken, and the match will then go into five minutes of extra time.

Teams will not swap ends, the centre pass will follow on and teams will play without break for five minutes. If at the end of the five-minute period, the teams are tied, the match will be declared a draw. If at the end of the five-minute period, one team is up by one or more goals, that team will be declared the winner. Goals scored during extra time are not included in bonus point calculations for the fourth quarter.

Teams will be allowed to make substitutions in the break before extra time commences and normal injury and rolling substitutions can occur during extra time, however, no time outs will be permitted in extra time.

During finals, if teams are drawn at the final siren, an extra five minutes will be played as per above. If scores are still tied at the conclusion of the extra five minutes, play will continue without a break until one team has two-goal advantage.

The bonus point system will remain for the 2020 season after the 2019 finals series was determined in the dying minutes of the final home and away match due to the bonus point system. 81 per cent of fans stated that the bonus point system increases the excitement of the match and season.

84 per cent of fans also stated that the standard of competition within the Suncorp Super Netball league is better than ever before.

A newly-selected Suncorp Super Netball Competition Committee will hold their first meeting of the year this week. The committee for 2020, chaired by Suncorp Super Netball CEO Chris Symington will include the following representatives:

  • Catherine Clark (CEO – QLD Firebirds)
  • Nikki Horton (GM – NSW Swifts)
  • Jane Woodlands-Thompson (GM – Collingwood Magpies)
  • Stacey Marinkovich (Head Coach – West Coast Fever)
  • Jo Weston (Player Delegate – Melbourne Vixens)
  • Kathryn Harby-Williams (CEO – Australian Netball Players’ Association)

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