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🦊 Round 8: Vixens vs GIANTS Match Day Guide

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1 year ago

The Melbourne Vixens have claimed back-to-back victories, defeating GIANTS Netball 62-57 at John Cain Arena on Wurundjeri Country.

In a battle as fierce as the last time they met, the Melbourne Vixens have replicated their preliminary final victory, defeating the GIANTS in a tight finish.

Q1 | Vixens 15 - 12 GIANTS

The Vixens showed their confidence and took their chances in the first quarter, giving the team an early lead. Some excellent defensive work from Emily Mannix, Jo Weston and Kate Eddy forced a number of turnovers, which MJ Kumwenda and Kiera Austin quickly converted. The pressure through the midcourt was intense, with Liz Watson and Kate Moloney leading the way in the first 15 minutes. Although the GIANTS scored some late super shots, the defensive pressure from the Vixens ensured they did not get those goals easily.

Q2 | Vixens 30 - 29 GIANTS

The Vixens kept the pressure high in the second quarter, making it difficult for the GIANTS to get a smooth passage of play. Em was impressive in the defensive circle, with a clean intercept and rebound helping to extend the Vixens’ lead. Keddy was a menace around circle edge, while Liz was a force to be reckoned with in the midcourt, racking up 46.5 Nissan Net Points and 13 goal assists. Some late super shots brought the GIANTS back into the contest once again, but the Vixens held their nerve and kept their lead heading into the half time break.

Q3 | Vixens 47 - 47 GIANTS

The GIANTS came out strong in the third, quickly snatching the lead. It was clear the Vixens would need to find something to combat their physical approach. MJ and Kip worked their magic under the post, never letting the GIANTS get too far ahead. Some incredible teamwork from Liz, Kate and MJ turned the momentum back the Vixens’ way. Kip shot at 100% accuracy while also proving to be a defensive star in the midcourt. It was a battle of the super shots in the last five minutes, as MJ and Kiera brought the Vixens back to level the scores at 47-all.

Q4 | Vixens 62 - 57 GIANTS

With everything to play for in the third quarter, both teams came out firing. You could barely split the sides in the first five minutes, MJ kept her cool under the post while Em and Jo piled on the pressure at the other end of the court. A turnover gave the GIANTS the lead, but the Vixens fought back to level the scores just as the Power 5 began. The effort and grit in our defence was immense, managing to force a crucial conversion with just minutes remaining. The GIANTS attempted their signature super shots, but the defensive pressure was too much, and the Vixens claimed another turnover with 30 seconds left on the clock. A final Vixens centre pass cemented the result; a five-goal win to the home side.


Head coach Simone McKinnis was pleased with her side’s performance.

“I thought the girls showed great composure at the end because it was a tough one to get through.” she said.

“I think everybody worked hard… in particular the midcourt in that crunch time worked the ball and were really smart with the ball.”


It’s back to back home games for the Vixens, as we take on the Sunshine Coast Lightning at John Cain Arena on Saturday 8 April at 7pm.

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