Round 8: Vixens vs GIANTS

Match Day Guide

🦊 Round 8: Vixens vs GIANTS Match Day Guide

Membership Terms & Conditions

To ensure our members enjoy and get the most out of their 2024 Melbourne Vixens Membership package, we kindly ask them to read the Terms & Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions prior to purchasing.

The personal information you have provided in your Melbourne Vixens membership application is collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Netball Australia Privacy Policy – Netball Victoria is a party to this policy (click here for Netball Australia Privacy Policy).

Netball Victoria may use and disclose your personal information for the purposes of conducting and administrating your Melbourne Vixens membership and other related activities across Australia, providing you with member services or promotional material, complying with legal obligations or otherwise in accordance with the Netball Australia Privacy Policy. Netball Victoria may share your information with third parties such as Netball Australia or Ticketek however your information is not generally disclosed to anyone outside Australia. The Netball Australia Privacy Policy contains information about how you may access and request correction of your personal information held by Netball Victoria or make a complaint about the handling of your personal information, and provides information about how a complaint will be dealt with by Netball Victoria. Your membership application may be rejected if the information is not provided. If you do not wish to receive promotional material from Netball Victoria sponsors and third parties you must advise us via email or telephone or via the specific opt-out procedures provided in the relevant communication.

Netball Victoria (NV) is collecting your personal information (PI) to consider and, if applicable, process and administer your membership. NV may use and disclose your PI as set out in this statement and our Privacy Policy (https://netball.com.au/privacy-policy). If you do not provide your PI, we will not be able to process your membership. We may disclose your PI to other parties, including our affiliates, service providers, partners and sponsors (that may be located overseas from time to time). We may use and disclose your PI to administer your membership, to our affiliated organisations to facilitate netball competitions, programs and activities, provide you with publications, news, promotions and offers, to contact you to help us improve our products and services, to identify you as a NV member when connected on social media, when engaging professional advisers including accountants, auditors and lawyers, and dealing with NV's insurer, unless you opt out (see our Privacy Policy for details on opting out). Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you may access and seek correction of your PI, how you may complain about a breach of your privacy, and how we will deal with that complaint.

I agree and consent to the Victorian Netball Association trading as Netball Victoria (ABN 83 704 752 745), its directors, employees, officers, agents and contractors (NV) making images or recordings, whether sound, digital or otherwise, of one or both me and the Participant (Images and Recordings) at the Event, and:

  • using, publishing or reproducing the Images and Recordings in any form (in whole or in part) and by any medium, including but not limited to third party social media websites, newspapers, magazines, brochures, television advertisements, promotional videos, websites or other multi-media, for public relations, promotions, commercial and advertising purposes (Promotional Material), without my further consent being necessary; and
  • retaining or storing the Images and Recordings (including those incorporated into Promotional Material), in hard copy or digitally, including but not limited to, deposit of the Images and Recordings into an NV image library.

I agree that the rights granted to NV in the preceding paragraph above are perpetual and that neither I nor the Participant will receive any payment, royalty or other consideration (whether monetary or otherwise) from NV in connection with the making, use or storage of the Images and Recordings.

The below Terms & Conditions are relevant to the purchase of a 2024 Membership of the Melbourne Vixens.

Terms & Conditions of Membership are subject to change and are at the discretion of Netball Victoria.

1. Renewal Period

2023 Melbourne Vixens Reserved Seat & Cheer Squad Members wishing to renew their seats or apply for a seating change must renew their membership before 5pm, Friday 8 December 2023. Any seats not renewed by this date will be made available to new members.

2. New Reserved Seat Requests

New and renewing members that have upgraded to a new Reserved Seat Membership will have their reserved seat allocated from 8 January 2024.

3. Junior Memberships

2024 Junior Membership holders must be under the age of 15 as of the 1 January 2024

4. Concession Memberships

a) A 2024 Melbourne Vixens concession membership can only be purchased if the member holds one of the below eligible concession types accepted by Melbourne Vixens:

- Pension
- Seniors Card
- Full Time Student
- Health Care Card

b) Melbourne Vixens Members are to provide a photocopy of their valid concession card details when purchasing a 2024 Melbourne Vixens Membership. The concession card must be valid for the entire season.

5. Family Memberships

2024 Melbourne Vixens Memberships must consist of two (2) full adult and two (2) junior members or one (1) adult and three (3) junior members. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for Junior Memberships for the age classifications.

6. Companion Cards

Companion card holders are entitled to a complementary membership for a carer. This membership will be the equivalent membership for the companion card holder. The Carers membership will remain under the name of the companion card holder.

7. Payment Plan

a) Members who chose to pay their membership on the Melbourne Vixens direct debit payment plan in 2024 will be charged $10 service fee.

b)The first installment will be debited at the same time of receiving the renewal application. The remaining five installments will be debited each on the 12th of the month of October 2023 through until March 2024.

c)For members who signup after the first scheduled payment will have the number of required payments deducted to bring them up to date with the payment schedule. Further payments will be deducted on the 12th of each following month until March 2024.

d) If any payment fails or is declined by the Members financial institutions on the 12th of the month, further attempts will continue to be made until payment is successful. A member will be contacted if further attempts for payments are unsuccessful.

e) If you choose to pay by instalments, you must ensure that your membership is paid in full by no later than 30th March 2024. Failure to do so may result in suspension or cancellation of your membership.

8. Vixens4Life

a) By agreeing to the Vixens4Life payment option, Members authorise Netball Victoria to automatically renew their membership in October each year and debit their nominated credit card for the applicable membership fee (either monthly or in full) for the forthcoming year.

b) Members will be given at least 7 days' notice in writing of the relevant membership fee and any changes to the relevant Member's membership category or entitlements before any Vixens4Life rollover takes effect.

c) Members can opt-out of the Vixens4Life payment option at the conclusion of their last instalment and prior to the first instalment for the following season by notifying Netball Victoria in writing or via email to [email protected].

d) If your debit is returned or dishonored by your financial institution, Melbourne Vixens will contact you to request immediate payment. Any fees levied to you by your financial institution will be payable to you.

e) Members with outstanding debit will be able to renew their membership or attend games until all outstanding money owed is paid up.

9. Payment Information

Payments are made by credit/debit card only. All payments are made via our "Gateway Provider", Stripe (Https://Stripe.com); it is they who will contact your card issuer and request payment in real time and will either charge or reject the charge at the end of the checkout process. Should your payment be rejected you will be advised as to the reason given by your card issuer for the rejection - neither Expeed nor the Gateway Provider make any determination as to your ability to make payment or financial worthiness, save for required fraud-checking and all charge results that are shown as determined by your card issuer.

When making payment, the Customer will either pay for the product in full, or elect (in some, but not all cases) to pay on a payment plan. When opting for a payment plan, the Customer will be advised of the payment interval dates. If the Customer becomes aware that the payment cannot be made on the specific interval dates, they should contact the Club concerned to advise them and make alternative payment arrangements.

The Gateway Provider is solely responsible for storing and processing of card details, and at no point do Sports Stubs, the Club or any staff either party get to see card details in full. At no point do card details entered onto the Website get transmitted through or stored on the web servers of Sport Stubs or the Club. Our Gateway Provider will issue Sport Stubs with an encrypted "token" to represent the card details they have stored for the Customer's card, and it is this token that Sport Subs refer to in all communications with the Gateway Provider. Masked details of the cards that Gateway Provider has stored for the Customer will be displayed in the MyAccount section of the Website, where the Customer can manage those cards and purpose(s) for which they are used.

10. Fees

All prices are inclusive of GST

11. Membership Packs

a) Member benefits are as outlined via the Melbourne Vixens website and are subject to change.

b) E-Newsletter 'The Huddle', match day information and any additional emails are automatically communicated to members who provide a valid email address

c) Members Only Events - Members will have access to at least 2 Members Only events throughout the 2024 season. (subject to change). These events are for Members only and will require Members to present their 2024 Melbourne Vixens Membership Card to gain entry.

12. Transferable Membership

A 2024 Melbourne Vixens Membership is transferable to family and friends. A 2024 Melbourne Vixens Membership will give patrons one (1) entry entitlement per home game throughout the season based on the game entitlements of you membership. Please note that the transferring of memberships is subject to the classification (e.g. Concession & Junior) of the membership.

13. Membership Cards

a) Full Court reserved Seat and Cheer Squad Members will be issued with a membership card that will provide entry to all seven (7) home games. Your membership card is your ticket to enter the home games and must be presented upon entry.

b) Flexi & Flexi Plus Full Court Members will be issued with a membership card that will provide you access to book tickets to seven (7) Melbourne Vixens home games through the Ticketek website. You will not be charged any additional transaction fees through the Ticketek site.

c) Flexi & Flexi Plus Short Pass Members will be issues with a membership card that will provide you access tp book tickets to three (3) Melbourne Vixens Home games through the Ticketek website. You will not be charged with any additional transaction fees through the Ticketek site. After being used for the three (3) home games, this membership card will no longer be valid.

d) Beyond the Court members will be issued with a membership card, but this card will not provide access to any Melbourne Vixens games.

e) If barcoded membership cards are not permitted by the Department of Health, we will issue you with a digital ticket that you can use to access home games.

14. Away Games

Melbourne Vixens Memberships do not include access to any away matches. Should you wish to attend an away game, tickets will need to be purchased.

15. Suncorp Super Netball League Finals ticket entitlements

Finals series ticketing is managed by Netball Australia, the organiser of the Suncorp Super Netball League. Your Melbourne Vixens season membership does not automatically grant you access to Finals Series matches. However, should the Melbourne Vixens make it to the Finals Series, Netball Australia will work closely with team management to ensure that as a season Member, you receive priority purchase to see your team contest the Finals Series.

16. Refunds

Melbourne Vixens memberships are non-refundable, however requests for refunds may be made and considered where reasonable circumstances apply. A request refund must be made in writing and are at the sole discretion of the Membership Manager.

17. Member Events

Information and details of Melbourne Vixens Members events will be communicated to members via email and/or the Melbourne Vixens website and/or Melbourne Vixens Facebook pages. Some events may not be able to be confirmed until after memberships are issued due to fixturing and other considerations.

18. Member Benefits

a) Merchandise: Each 2024 Melbourne Vixens member is entitled to 10% off full price merchandise from the official Melbourne Vixens online merchandise store (https://shop.melbournevixens.c... ) and on presentation of 2024 membership card at 2024 home game merchandise outlets. Online, a member must enter VIXMEM24 in the Discount code field to receive the 10% member discount.

b) Train like a Vixen Clinics: Each 2024 Melbourne Vixens member is entitled to 10% off the full price of Train Like a Vixen Clinics (Individual clinics only). The 10% clinic discount will automatically be applied, once a 2024 member logs in during the checkout process.

c) The club will use its best endeavors to provide all deliverables as outlined in each Membership Package for the 2024 Season. However, where there are any restrictions on providing deliverables that are outside of the control of the club. e.g. State issued COVID-19 Protocols/Restrictions, members will be informed and Melbourne Vixens may need to make changes to specific member benefits.

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