Netball as a sport, can be misunderstood.

We as netball fans know that it is a physically demanding, tough and rigorous sport unlike any other. We understand that the pressures that our professional netballers face are unlike others in the mainstream sporting landscape. We know that there is a strong and proud netball community in Australia that love the sport.

To us netball is FEARLESS, and our netballers are FEARLESS athletes; The early morning sprints. The flying elbows. The war wounds. The relentless pace. The work, the study and the family, all at once. The double sessions, back to back. The blood, sweat, tears and passion.

But some don’t see it yet. They are yet to truly witness the fearless nature of netball, and so are yet to properly appreciate it. Their gaze has been elsewhere, so their preconceptions remain. Well, the time to witness is now.

The goal of this campaign is to rally the netball community behind the sport to show the power of unity, and the fearlessness of the sport to ultimately open the eyes of doubters and show them what netball really is. As a community, we will show everyone a reason to believe and a reason to be proud.

Seeing is Believing #WitnessFearless

Key Messages

#WitnessFearless is a rallying call to netball fans all over the country to band together in support of the sport for the rest of the 2020 season. We as the netball community need to drive netball forward together, and back the sport we love.

Netball faces challenges in the current sporting landscape - limited media attention, lack of free to air exposure, and a lack of respect from the uneducated. But we have the power to overcome those together. To drive viewing figures up. To demand to be heard. To crush negative reviews. To change perceptions. To change headlines. For us to make any impact at all we need the whole netball community behind this. We are going to unite them and give them a platform for their voice to be heard.

#WitnessFearless also acts as a challenging statement to those on the periphery of the netball community; other sport fans, media, keyboard warriors & general disbelievers. It challenges them to think differently, to see netball in a different light, to question their preconceived views on what netball is; “once a game for schoolgirls and workplace bonding”. It ultimately challenges them to witness the fearlessness of netball and reconsider their assumptions.

Ready to support fearless?

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