Renae Ingles (nee Hallinan) is a great of the game.

Beginning her elite netball career in 2003 with the Melbourne Phoenix, Ingles is a four-time premiership player, a Commonwealth Games gold medallist and a Netball World Cup champion.

A fan-favourite, Ingles made the wing defence position her own, renown for her hands-over pressure, ability to strip her opponent of possession and to create turnovers at crucial moments.

An inaugural member of the Melbourne Vixens when the Phoenix and Melbourne Kestrels merged, Ingles made the move from the Vixens to the Adelaide Thunderbirds after the 2011 season, during which she captained the team from 2014-2015.

Following the birth of her twins Milla and Jacob, Ingles returned to the court for the Thunderbirds in 2017 before retiring from the sport and joining basketballer husband, Joe Ingles, in America.

Returning to Melbourne in May, it took little time for the Vixens to reidentify Ingles as an asset to the team.

Individual Awards and Achievements:

  • 2003 Melbourne Phoenix debut
  • 2003 Melbourne Phoenix premiership
  • 2005 Melbourne Phoenix premiership
  • 2009 Melbourne Vixens premiership
  • 2009 Melbourne Vixens Coaches Award
  • 2009 Melbourne Vixens Excellence in Sport and Life Award
  • 2009 Australian Diamonds International Player of the Year
  • 2010 Commonwealth Games silver
  • 2013 Adelaide Thunderbirds premiership
  • 2013 Liz Ellis Diamond winner
  • 2013 Australian Diamonds International Player of the Year
  • 2013 Tanyer Denver Award
  • 2014 Commonwealth Games gold
  • 2014 Adelaide Thunderbirds Captain
  • 2015 Adelaide Thunderbirds Captain
  • 2015 Netball World Cup gold

The Numbers

`Vixens Club no.
Melbourne, Victoria
Junior Club
Monbulk Netball Club
Career Games
2019 Games
2019 Intercepts

Fun Facts

  • I started netball when one of my friends asked me to fill-in for her team when I was 8-9 years years old. I loved it so joined the team!
  • Liz Boniello is my favourite netballer of all-time. She was playing for Australia and was captain of the Melbourne Phoenix. She was a leader both on-and-off the court and really took me under her wing.
  • My favourite netball memory was winning the gold medal in Glasgow in 2014 was very special because we came home with the silver medal four years earlier in Delhi. It felt like all of our hardwork as a team had come together.
  • If I could give one piece of advice to a young player it would be to always enjoy the game and continually strive to get better. The more I learn and get better, the more I love the game!
  • If I wasn't a netballer I would really love to be a rockstar- problem is, I can't sing!!!!!
  • Away from the court I spend time with my husband, kids and family - usually relaxing!
  • My favourite food is my dad's curried sausages! (no-one makes them like dad does!)
  • The music I listen to most is a lot of old school RnB if I am in charge, and the Wiggles if my twins are in charge!
  • My dream travel destination is anywhere warm, with beaches so that I can relax with Joe and the kids!