Kadie-Ann Dehaney


An athletic and agile player, Kadie-Ann Dehaney is an upcoming netball star.

Her debut season with the Vixens in 2017 was interrupted by injury however showed great promise against some of the world's toughest goalers.

Her second season of Suncorp Super Netball saw the young defender shine, with an injury to Emily Mannix seeing Dehaney launch into the starting seven and impress in the second half of the season. As of 2019 she has played a pivotal role in key moments of matches, taking grand intercepts alongside her Vixens defenders.

Dehaney also has a unique ability to play both the defence and attack ends of the court, adding to the versatility of the Vixens playing roster.

Individual Awards and Achievements:

  • 2017 Melbourne Vixens debut
  • 2017 Jamaica World Youth Cup Captain
  • 2018 Melbourne Vixens Rookie of the Year

Personal Info

Vixen Club no.
Kingston, Jamaica
Junior Club
Molynes United
National League Career Games
Test Caps (JAM)
2019 Games
2019 Intercepts
Occupation/Area of Study
Geographical and Environmental Science
Club History
Melbourne Vixens: 2017 - Current

Fun Facts

  • I started playing netball at 13. I played in a secondary school league in Jamaica, and the coach of Molynes United invited me to play for his team.
  • When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pilot.
  • My favourite athletes of all-time are Thiago Sliva and Usain Bolt.
  • My favourite Disney movie is Frozen.
  • I spend my time away from the court sleeping mostly and chilling with friends.
  • I love playing video games and doing a little reading.
  • My favourite travel destination is Brazil, because it's the home of football.
  • My favourite dish to cook at home is Ackee and salt fish with dumplings, a Jamaican dish.