Mannix's breakout year

1 year ago

Emily Mannix had a breakout season at Goal Keeper in 2017.

After spending two years watching and learning from experienced defenders Bianca Chatfield and Geva Mentor, Mannix finally had her time to shine, and she impressed.

Mannix said that spending time watching Chatfield and Mentor made her confident to play her style of defence.

“Every time I stepped out on court throughout the year I felt confident to just go out there and play my game,” said Mannix.

“I think that did come from the years I spent on the bench watching different styles of defenders play, and then being able to create my own position in the team.”

Pairing up with Jo Weston in the defensive circle, Mannix and Weston impressed against some of the world’s toughest shooters.

Still relatively young compared to other defenders in the league, Mannix finished fourth overall for intercepts and seventh for defensive rebounds and deflections.

The 23-year-old was rewarded for her 2017 season with multiple national accolades, including selection in the Australian Diamonds squad and in the Australian Fast5 Flyers team, to play in the Fast5 World Series in Melbourne this October.

Mannix also finished Runner-up in the 2017 Sharelle McMahon Medal, behind Vice-Captain Liz Watson.

It came as a surprise to Mannix, who said she was stoked to receive the award.

“Obviously anyone could have won it and it was so even throughout the year and everyone had such great seasons,” said Mannix.

“That’s why I was so shocked, to get recognised in my first year out there starting, it was pretty cool to get that award.”

“But if I had to choose between winning the grand final and runner-up, I would have had that grand final, but it was exciting and I was really stoked and honoured to win that award, but very surprised.”

It may be the Suncorp Super Netball off-season, but you can still watch our players live!

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Minutes played: 959/976

Rebounds: 21

Gains: 72

Pick-Ups: 5

Deflections: 77

Intercepts: 41


  • Nissan Most Valuable Player: 2
  • Suncorp Super Netball Team of the Week: 2
  • Sharelle McMahon Medal Runner-Up
  • Selection in the 2017 Australian Fast5 Flyers team
  • Selection in the 2017/2018 Australian Diamonds squad

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