Jo Weston reaches milestone game

8 months ago

This weekend brings up Weston’s 50th national league game as the Vixens head to Sydney to take on the NSW Swifts.

Flashback four years ago, as a young 20-year-old Jo Weston takes the court for her debut game with the Melbourne Vixens.

Taking on the Tactix in Christchurch in Round 5 of the ANZ Championship, Weston was injected into the game during the final quarter, giving her a taste of the first of her many games.

“I was pretty nervous… I don’t think I played overly well and I was only on court for a short period of time, but it was something that was really special and something I’ll never forget.”

This weekend brings up Weston’s 50th national league game as the Vixens head to Sydney to take on the NSW Swifts.

“It actually caught me a bit by surprise,” Weston said.

“I guess it’s somewhat of a significant number given we have so few games in our season and I feel honoured to play all of them for one club.”

Starting her netball journey playing for Waverley District Netball Association, Weston fell in love with the game from a young age.

“I always idolised both the Phoenix and the Kestrels players when I was younger, and to be a part of that now almost just feels a bit surreal,” Weston said.

“It’s something that I always try to keep in the forefront of my mind because it can somewhat get lost in the everyday grind, especially during hard training sessions.”

It was in 2014 that Weston was given the opportunity to join the likes of her Phoenix and Kestrels heroes, signing with the Melbourne Vixens for her debut season.

No stranger to the Vixens environment, Weston was a training partner for the team during their 2013 season.

“I remember one of my first sessions with the Vixens before I was in the team, I actually played on Sharelle McMahon when she had returned from having Xavier,” Weston recalls.

“The whole time I was just thinking ‘don’t injure her, just don’t touch her’”.

It was a natural progression for Weston into the team for the 2014 season, with the end of her debut season bringing with it an ANZ Championship premiership, one of Weston’s highlights of her 50-game netball career.

“Being a part of a premiership in 2014, it’s something that doesn’t come around very frequently, so that was really special.”

“But the first year that Emily, Chloe, Kate, Liz and myself all played together, that was also something really special to me.”

“Liz, Emily and myself all played netball together since we were in the 15 and Under Victorian State Team together so it was sort of like, ‘OMG, we’re all here now playing for the Vixens’.”

What impressed Vixens coach Simone McKinnis? Weston’s determination to fight for the win.

“You could just see that she had all the talent in the world and right from the word go you could see that competitiveness,” McKinnis recalls.

“She just always wants to learn, wants to get better and wants to be the best, and she’s never stopped from that aspect.”

“She’ll just go and go and go and she wants the ball and she wants the win and she will fight for it.”

That fight has seen Weston given a title by her teammates – a ‘pest’ out on court.

“I think it just comes with the way I play, my role in goal defence is somewhat like a tagger in footy jargon,” Weston said.

“I guess I am quite annoying to play against – it probably comes from having two older brothers. I’ve just been brought up annoying them so now I continue to annoy my opposition on court to become a bit of a pest.”

So what word does the ‘Weston’s Word of the Week’ give to her 50 games of elite netball, including in a premiership, Rookie of the Year award and an inclusion in the Suncorp Super Netball Team of the Year?


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