VixMen Season Report

8 months ago

​With finals now looming, some of the Vixens’ most invested fans, the VixMen have put their heads together to bring you the top players in contention for the Sharelle McMahon medal – the award for the Melbourne Vixens’ Most Valuable Player.

Elizabeth Watson - her work up and down the court is admirable. She’s relentless on defence and shows real heart on offence. Never giving up on the play. Coming off a Diamonds campaign, her level of play has risen to a whole new level and she’s taken the team with her.

Mwai Kumwenda - though she often makes flashy and stylish plays (jumping high, kicking legs and landing in the splits position) her accurate shooting and teamwork under the ring has her in top three contention. She’s able to stand up when needed and share the ball too. She’s intense.

Emily Mannix - could you ask for a more solid last line of defence!? Happy to put her body on the line, any offensive player knows they must bring their A game when matching up on Mannix. She is the intercept machine! Definitely a more cerebral player this year than in the past. Her finger injury will mean she misses out on votes in the second half of the season, but we have no doubt she’ll be top three at the moment.

Honourable mention - Joanna Weston - In a team with so many even players it’s hard to pick the best each week, but someone who contributes each game is Jo. Her relentless pressure on defence allows for turnovers and her work moving the ball up the court opens space and gives her mid-courters more opportunity to get open.

Double honourable mention - Simone McKinnis - with so much action on court it can be easy to forget the formidable force that is the coaching staff. After a good start and a slight slump, the coach has steadied the ship, with her vast playing and coaching resume she always has a couple of tricks up her sleeve. She’s had to adapt with players off the bench due to various circumstance (Dehaney, Ingles) and has showed she’s certainly invested as much as the players are.

Be there for the announcement of the Sharelle McMahon Medallist on Friday, 31 August.

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