Vixens retain the Sargeant-McKinnis Cup

8 months ago

The fast pace and intensity of the Vixens secured the win over the Swifts in defender Jo Weston’s 50th national league game.

The Melbourne Vixens proved too good for the NSW Swifts, defeating the home side 65-58 to claim the 2018 Sargeant-McKinnis Cup.

It was the fast pace and intensity of the Vixens across the four quarters which helped secure the win in defender Jo Weston’s 50th national league game.

The lead started early, after two quick turnovers in the first quarter allowed the Vixens some breathing space of up to seven goals in the first half. While the Swifts intensity lifted in the second half, the Vixens’ didn’t drop the lead with 13 the highest margin.

The well-oiled machine of the Vixens midcourt was complemented by the accurate shooting of Philip and Kumwenda, and the defensive pressure in the goal ring.

Kadie-Ann Dehaney stepped up for an injured Emily Mannix and was right at home in the goal keeper bib for the entire game. While the Swifts’ goalers put up a fight, the Dehaney-Weston combo was too strong.

“It was a tough contest in that ring, but Jo and I gel well together so we know what to do,” said Dehaney.

“We train so well together each week so to put that into practice for the entire game, we had a great rhythm.”

As for her own game, Dehaney’s hunger for the ball was obvious.

“I thought my urgency and want for the ball is what helped me contest. At any stage when I felt fatigued, I knew I had to stay in the game to not let the Swifts get over us.”

The Vixens travel to the Gold Coast next week to take on the Queensland Firebirds.

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