A letter to our younger selves, from our defenders

11 months ago

Jo Weston

Hello little Jo,

I know you are an energetic young kid, bounding around and creating havoc while your mum pulls out her hair.

Eventually will find a way to channel this energy, firstly through dance lessons, then via playing any sport that comes your way. Whether it is tennis or athletics, you were always competitive and loved a challenge. You have two older brothers and only male cousins, so making friends with the girls at school is hard at first but then you start playing netball.

The environment creates an avenue to foster female friendships and develops your love of team sports. Believe it or not you will grow up to be slightly taller than the other girls at school but soon you will find a place amongst other tall females.

You'll play a few other sports throughout your time at school yet you always come back to netball. Little do you know, this sport that you love will give you the chance to travel the world, achieve your dreams and make friends for life. So enjoy the journey, work hard and don't forget to look back every now and then to see how far you've come.


Kadie-Ann Dehaney,

Hey Chic mek wi reason deh !

Wow hmm, there are so many things I want to tell you. First of all that of knee of yours will always be there, right here and now are your toughest times, but you will get through it. My advice to you is to KEEP GOING, don’t listen to the voices around that say otherwise.

Life isn’t meant to be easy and you will learn that throughout every chapter in your journey some friends come and a lot will go, and that’s okay. The friends who you’re meant to keep will standby you with time. At this very moment I would encourage you to stick by these three people - Minneth Reynolds, Roy Pryce and Derrick Brown. They’re your greatest and toughest mentors who want nothing but the best for you. In your best times, and in your darkest times those faces will be there because they’re the only ones who see what your future can look like if you work hard.

Also you’re at your best when you are yourself which is being confident when no one else believes, Be honest no matter the consequences and when you have some fun don’t take everything too seriously - live a little. Next thing stop ketch up yuh hair inna one yuh nah go have no edges yow haha, yuh c the running thing anuh fi you and stop giving grandma so much trouble. Finally stay disciplined and committed to your goals and continue to take it day by day and work on something new everyday.

From KD.

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