Train Like a Vixen digital

Train Like a Vixen Digital provides the opportunity for young netballers at any skill level to advance their craft and learn from the best.

The online training platform contains six courses in video format hosted by Melbourne Vixens athletes Liz Watson, Kiera Austin and Ruby Barkmeyer.

The six courses address the skills of shoulder passing, how to cut and drive, one-on-one defence, goal shooting, reaction and footwork.

The structure of the online courses covers technique, game sense application and a series of train-at-home activities, allowing players to learn from the pros and extend this knowledge into ongoing practice.

The content is designed to benefit players, coaches and teachers, with a core audience of kids aged 12–16 years of any gender and playing any level of netball – from social through to representative.

Register now to learn from Kiera and Ruby and find out how they’ve perfected the skills that make them the athletes they are today!


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