About Us

The Melbourne Vixens are Netball Victoria's representative team competing in Suncorp Super Netball.

The Melbourne Vixens franchise was launched in 2008, following the amalgamation of the Melbourne Phoenix and Melbourne Kestrels elite netball teams that participated in the pre-existing National Netball League Competition (1997-2007).

Suncorp Super Netball is the principal professional netball competition in Australia, and widely regarded as the world's best netball league.

A leader within the sport, the Melbourne Vixens have two premierships, winning in 2009 and 2014.

The Melbourne Vixens instil the services of highly qualified and nationally acclaimed coaching staff, physiotherapists, sports scientists, strength and conditioning personnel and operations staff to assist in achieving the pertinent goal of annually winning Suncorp Super Netball.

The Melbourne Vixens have a strong partnership with the Victorian Institute of Sport, the leading provider of high performance sports programs for talented athletes in Victoria, enabling them to achieve national and international success in netball.

Phoenix Kestrels Netball Club

Prior to the ANZ Championship, the Commonwealth Bank Trophy was the premier netball competition in Australia. Two teams were operated by Netball Victoria, the Melbourne Kestrels and the Melbourne Phoenix.

Both teams hosted the cream of Victoria’s netballing elite. Names such Shelley O’Donnell and Simone McKinnis led the teams who blooded new talent with names that are legendary in today’s netball world; McMahon, Chatfield, Corletto.

With the beginning of the new competition in 2008 both teams were merged to form what was considered the Dream Team, a mixture of the Phoenix’s experience and success, and the new, upcoming talents of the Kestrels.

This year, the letters PKNC will feature on the back of each Melbourne Vixens dress, standing for Phoenix Kestrel Netball Club and celebrating our rich history of netball success.

Melbourne Vixens Club

The Melbourne Vixens has a short but proud history of being one of the premier teams in Suncorp Super Netball (formerly the ANZ Championship), the world's best netball league.

Netball Victoria announced at the start of 2015 the establishment of the Melbourne Vixens Club, a way for us to recognise and acknowledge our former and current players who have worn the Vixens dress with pride since the competition formed in 2008.

Each player who represents the Melbourne Vixens joins a team with strong values and a passion for netball within Victoria.
All players who have been contracted or taken the court for the Vixens have a number allocated to them corresponding with their time in the team.

Melbourne Vixens Club Members

#1: Sharelle McMahon
#2: Bianca Chatfield
#3: Madison Robinson (nee Browne)
#4: Natasha Chokljat
#5: Johannah Curran
#6: Renae Ingles (nee Hallinan)
#7: Ashlee Howard
#8: Wendy Jacobsen
#9: Sharni Layton
#10: Julie Corletto
#11: Abby Sargent
#12: Caitlin Thwaites
#13: Chelsey Tregear (nee Nash)
#14: Ama Agbeze
#15: Kathleen Knott
#16: Brooke Thompson
#17: Sarah Wall
#18: Amy Steel
#19: Tegan Philip (nee Caldwell)
#20: Kara Richards
#21: Demelza Fellowes
#22: Micaela Wilson
#23: Kate Beveridge
#24: Geva Mentor
#25: Shannon Eagland
#26: Kasey Stanaway
#27: Karyn Bailey
#28: Erin Hoare
#29: Elissa Kent (nee Macleod)
#30: Kate Moloney
#31: Catherine Cox
#32: Caitlyn Nevins (nee Strachan)
#33: Elizabeth Watson
#34: Joanna Weston
#35: Carla Dziwoki
#36: Emily Mannix
#37: Alice Teague-Neeld
#38: Chloe Watson
#39: Kelsey Browne
#40: Emma Ryde
#41: Kim Commane
#42: Kadie-Ann Dehaney
#43: Mwai Kumwenda
#44: Khao Watts
#45: Sam Gooden